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A New Year, A New Blog

I’d mentioned in a previous blog post that I was thinking about moving to WordPress.  Well, I finally did it!  I must say, I do really like the expandability and functionality that’s already built-in.  It kinda makes me want to make my own theme!

In due time.

January 5, 2009   No Comments

No disassemble! Johnny 5 is alive!!!

I got my new ATI card in the mail last week.  Pure awesomeness.  However, the technology in my old PC’s old enough that I just had to do some major upgrading. (or, at least this was as good an excuse as any)

Since this was technically my fifth machine, and I was disassembling an old one, I felt it best to christen this one, the Johnny 5.  Because I’m just that geeky.  80’s references aside, I should point out that this is a milestone for me in many ways.  This is my first system with a video card fully certified to handle 3dsmax, Maya, and pretty much all the other 3D packages.  This is also my very first dual-boot machine.  That’s right.  I’m no longer a Windows purest.  I now own a very intimidating Vista/Linux dual boot system.  Or…it will be when it’s done.  I’ve still got to install Ubuntu, but once it’s complete, I’ll have my production station up and ready to go.  w00t!!!

September 12, 2008   No Comments